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Aug 7, 2018

Kamara Toffolo is a job search strategist, LinkedIn consultant, and resume writer who is passionate about helping high-achieving professionals around the world transition and advance their careers to the next level. She is a featured and contributing author for many publications including Business Insider, Forbes Magazine, and Inc. Magazine and has presented keynote speeches and seminars at several professional conferences, universities, corporate training, and workshops. Before working in the career development field, she has 12 years of experience in the financial services and technology industries, working with small to mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.


Kamara joins me today to share tips and strategies on how to create a standout cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile. She explains the purpose of a cover letter and how it can help you highlight your personality, accomplishments, and the value you bring to an organization as well as some of the common mistakes many young professionals make when crafting their cover letter. She also explains the difference between a functional resume and a chronological resume, what job recruiters truly want from your resume, and tips on how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile.


“It goes back to the know, like, trust factor - someone without a linked in profile picture immediately misses out on the ability to establish trust.” - Kamara Toffolo



This Week on Young Money:


  • How she helps clients achieve their career goals and demonstrate their professional values in their cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • The importance of finding a balance between being humble and highlighting your accomplishments and the value you can bring to an organization.
  • How building and nurturing relationships have impacted her career success.
  • What led to the transition from working in the financial services industry to the career development space.
  • Why she wishes she began to invest in real estate sooner.
  • How to identify your transferable skills.
  • The importance of seeking advice from other professionals within your industry.
  • The importance of keeping a running document of your accomplishments and achievements.
  • The appropriate length of a resume.
  • The importance of being clear on what your target job is before building your resume.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when creating your resume.
  • The difference between a functional resume and a chronological resume.
  • The purpose of a cover letter.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when crafting your cover letter.
  • How your profile picture helps you build trust.
  • The importance of including the skills you currently have on your LinkedIn profile instead of the skills you aspire to have.
  • Why LinkedIn recommendations are critical to job recruiters.


Kamara Toffolo’s Tips for Creating a Stand Out Cover Letter, Resume, and LinkedIn Profile:


  1. Start with the pre-resume work. Find the common thread that connects your skills, experiences, and what you stand for.
  2. Keep an ongoing record of your accomplishments.
  3. Be clear on your target job. Do your research.
  4. Tailor your resume for the job you are applying for.
  5. Include a headshot (no selfies!), recommendations, and your current skill sets on your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Make sure you have a well-written LinkedIn profile summary.
  7. Take the time to customize your cover letter to reflect the value you can bring to an organization.


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